The Movement


Who is Capitalino?

Juan Carlos, a young man from the Bay Area (California) that has developed growth and social skills behind and away from the barber chair, networking with people of vast trades to close a niche within our community which is what our society has been lacking.

A pro-activist that has been inspired by those who have poured into him and now wishes to pour into others what he has learned, to save others the most valuable thing we have, TIME.

Blessed to have started barbering at an early age to be almost 10 years in the game and under 30. Has attended various shops learned the do’s and don’ts in different demographics and pristine standards. Of course knowledge of them is not without ones own perspective, and as that said he is currently pursuing to build his own niche in which he can act out his beliefs and progress from them as they are adjusted to current times and personnel. Stay tuned and watch the movement.